Friday, July 4, 2008

Housekeeping Hound

Being the family chef means that holiday meals fall to me, which is nice because I'm just a tiny bit of a control freak when it comes to my kitchen. The downside is that company means housekeeping.

Now, I'm not a complete slob -- in fact, I can't bear clutter -- but I do ascribe to the wise saying that "a clean house is a sign of a misspent life."

Fortunately, I have a capable cleaning assistant. Yesterday, she helped me dispose of the extra roll of toilet paper I left out.

This also encouraged me to sweep, thereby accomplishing one of my least favorite chores. Which I'm sure was precisely her intent.

Thanks, Wyrsa.


Funder said...

It seems perfectly normal to me now to store my current roll of toilet paper in an empty clean kitty litter tub beside the toilet. Doesn't everybody hide the TP from the cats/dogs? And likewise, of course my paper towels are in a lower cabinet by the dishwasher.

(As a side note, I have noticed that I don't use nearly as many paper towels when dishtowels will work just as well.)

Life at Star's Rest said...

Thanks for the visit and wow! You not only have horses and a greyhound, you cook and ride endurance! I don't talk much about cooking on my blog but your recipes had me drooling, can't wait to try them. It's been ten years since my last endurance ride and I still get a thrill out of reading about others experiences.

One of our mustangs tests high for original Spanish blood and looks much like your Barbs. And I am often asked if my gray mustang is an Andalusian cross. Love that old look!

Susan Catt said...

You know I have a housecleaning assitant that resembles yours very much! I wonder do they have a union?

Here is a quick recipe:

1) aparagus (2-4 per person)
2) yellow and red bell pepper (to taste)
3) scallions of green onions
4) broccoli
5) a few pinoin nuts
6) a spoon of Pesto to taste
7) home made wheat totillas (no preservatives etc)

Carmelize all ingrediants except tortilla of course. Add pesto and simmer for a few minutes then remove from pan. Warm tortillas and fill with ingredience.

I like to soften my tortillas in butter, but not necessary to enjoy a full aromatic blend of goodness.