Thursday, April 3, 2008

Holy Horse Manure

You'd think that eight horses would turn their annual sixteen tons of hay into more than enough organic compost for one, small farm.

Generally speaking, you would be right. But here at In the Night Farm, our soil looks like it came straight from the coast. Sand. Not a rock or an ounce of clay to be found. Not the most fertile option.

Fortunately, there's a cure: organic matter, and plenty of it. We've hauled load after load of it from the horse pens, tilling in an eight-inch layer and converting our sandy plots to beautiful, well-drained beds of loam.

Still, as our gardens expand, so does our need for compost. Over the weekend, this gift arrived from our non-gardening friends.

Old-time gardeners refer to compost as black gold. Looks like we've hit the mother load, and by summer we'll be cashing in.

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