Friday, April 11, 2008

Perennial Favorites

There are few greater pleasures than meandering about the farm on a warm, spring evening, watching the perennials stretch and yawn after a winter's rest.

In the bulb garden, hyacinth prepare their annual onslaught of heady scent. This photo was taken a week ago.

Here is the same plant today.

If you've never smelled hyacinth, go buy some. Today.

In the vegetable garden, rhubarb returns for its second year. I planted five of these last year. The stalks freeze beautifully, and I can hardly get enough of them. Rhubarb is related to buckwheat, of all things, and in medieval times was used to induce vomiting. Strangely, strawberry-rhubarb pie never affects me that way...

Back in the bulb garden, daffodils have exploded into bloom.

And up on the deck, potted catnip soaks up the sun.

Apparently, it's a good day to be a mouse.

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