Friday, August 29, 2008

Who Needs a Tractor?

This is the wall that Travis built.

It is every bit as heavy and awkward as it looks. Unfortunately, it belongs in the root cellar, which is 200 feet away from the driveway where it was constructed. We tried picking it up to move it. Yeah, right. Maybe if there were six of us.

So, this is the way we move the wall that Travis built.

Of course, this wasn't our brilliant idea. Log rolling is an ancient technique. Anthropologists theorize it was used to move Stonehenge's monolithic sarsan stones 20 miles about 5,000 years ago.

Hmm. Easy though it was, I'm glad we didn't have to move the wall that far.


Rosalie said...

I came here from your Barb Wire blog :-) My father in law made a small building where he could use the power tools, then like you, we "rolled" it to the selected site. Fun, but I'm glad we don't need to do that often!

Life at Star's Rest said...

Hi Tamara - I couldn't find an email for you so thought this would work. I'd love to know how to get the product you told me about. It would probably need to be ordered because it's 180 mile round trip to just go to Santa Fe for me so I seldom do it. You can email me at Thanks so much, Carmon

rebecca said...

brilliant idea nonetheless....