Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pretty Pooless

This business of switching to shampoo-free living has gone much, much more smoothly than I could have hoped. I'm just about to wrap up Week 2 of Project Pooless...and I think the project might be over. Transition complete. Lifestyle element integrated. Deal sealed.

After Week 1, which ended with a Monday morning shampoo before going to the office, I got a little bolder:

Tuesday -- Salad Treatment (baking soda wash and apple cider vinegar conditioning). My hair was soft, shiny, and manageable all day at work. Ironman noted he didn't even detect the vinegar odor, let alone become bothered by it.

Wednesday -- No poo. Water rinse only. I noticed while combing out my wet hair that it was much less tangle-prone than usual. I'd go so far as to call it tangle-free, which is a near-miracle for my long, fine, straight hair.

Thursday -- Egg wash and ACV conditioning. Still looking good and feeling fantastic.

Friday -- No poo. This was a risk. This was the fourth day since I'd used shampoo, and I was going to face the office after only a water rinse. I used my new boarshair brush to smooth the natural oils along my hair, then rinsed for a couple minutes with medium-hot water. It worked. My hair looked clean all day, and even shinier and softer than before.

Saturday -- No poo. It was a dusty, sweaty day on the farm, and I wore a hat until my cool late-afternoon shower, which left my hair slightly oily but certainly acceptable for a weekend evening on the deck swing.

Sunday -- Salad treatment. I almost went with just another water rinse, but I'm planning on a de-greasing egg wash tomorrow before work, and I thought it would be considerate of me to bother with a deodorizing baking soda wash in case my coworkers are more sensitive than I to any lingering scents of livestock and sweat.

I think I've done it. I'm free! My hair looks and feels fantastic. It styles fine even with air dried, which it never did before. I even "shed" less. Seriously. You have to try this! If I can do it, with my long hair (see my "about me" photo at the top of this page), so can you.

But watch's a slippery slope. I've progressed to natural varieties of almost all other bodycare products. Details to follow.

Go forth and go pooless!


Primal Mama said...

I have curly hair which is very frizzy without some type of product like a curl cream. Right now I generally only use shampoo once or twice a week, not because my hair is oily (I don't think my hair could be come oily if I tried) but to remove any product or chlorine if I've been swimming (or it will turn green). Any pointers?

Kim said...

Thank you for documenting your journey into poolessness! I am very curious/nervous to start on my own, so knowing that it can be done successfully (even while having to go to work) is a great encouragement! I especially like the idea of using a boar hair brush - I wouldn't have thought of that.

I use a non-conventional deoderant (I make my own or use Thai Crystal) and I'm looking forward to more of the natural care product trials. Keep us posted!

Funder said...

Glad it worked for you! It sounds exactly like the kind of thing I'd be interested in, but I'm just not. I love my 2" bleached blonde spiky hair, and once you bleach it blonde and cut it that short, it's fried. If I had long natural hair, I might try it, but as it is... poo is way easier.

A request: What's good in primal beef stew? I have fantastic chicken stock and some natural beef. But I keep mentally getting stuck at "potatoes."

Anonymous said...

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